Agnon House Tour

יום ד'
י"ח בניסן תשפ"א

Rabbi Jeffrey Saks

בית עגנון

Join us for a tour of Agnon House, the home of Nobel laureate S.Y. Agnon, and learn about his life and the world depicted in his writings. Visit his home, library, garden and experience our new interactive digital exhibit. In Agnon’s study you’ll get a peek into the writing process and see some of the treasures housed in the 9,000 volumes in his library — from rare books and manuscripts, to volumes inscribed by leading authors, politicians and public figures.
Tour led by R. Jeffrey Saks, Director of Research at Agnon House.

.The tour is free with pre-registration

  • נא להזין מספר בין 1 לבין 5.
  • שדה זה מיועד למטרות אימות ויש להשאיר אותו ללא שינוי.