Poland 2024 Tour Cancellation Policies & Travel Insurance

Cancellation Policy
After registration (US) $50/person for cancellation at any point, plus:
After April 15, 2024: $500/person
After May 15, 2024: $1,200/person
After June 25, 2024: No refund
(In the event a refund needs to be issued it is sent by Agnon House via bank transfer)

Travel Insurance
It is strongly recommended to purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover medical (including pre-existing conditions), personal, baggage, and cancellation. This is a smart way to safeguard against life’s surprises. Unsure of your final costs? Insure now the amount you have paid (deposit, airfare, etc.) – and then after any future payments your policy can be amended. While we recommend the services of the agents below, you can and should consult your own insurance broker and check other providers to see who offers coverage that best fits your needs. Agnon House does not take responsibility for your personal insurance nor do we have any financial interest in the sale of policies. Please note: We are advised that to receive maximum coverage, it is suggested to purchase insurance within 21 days of the date on which you first paid a deposit or for any portion for an upcoming trip, regardless of whether this payment is refundable. It is also advised to insure one additional day at the end in the event of a return delay to your final destination.

For American citizens (in USA or living abroad): We recommend Travel Insurance Center, a division of SMS (Senior Market Sales) and members of UStiA (United States Travel Insurance Association), worldwide travel insurance brokers with decades of experience. They offer travel insurance for American residents or for American expats abroad. Contact Yonah Engel and mention reference code: AGNON HOUSE TOUR. Email: [email protected]

For Israeli citizens: Consult with your personal insurance agent or check what travel insurance packages can be added to your existing coverage through Kupat Holim or speak with:
Chacoty Insurance: https://www.chacoty.co.il/en/insurance/travel-insurance
Goldfus Insurance: https://goldfus-ins.co.il/en/personal-insurance/travel-insurance-from-israel

Agnon House, Shai Bar-Ilan Tours, or the tour organizers cannot accept responsibility for any losses or expenses that you or any member of your party may incur as a result of failure to secure adequate coverage.